Siracha Shrine

Siracha Shrine is the shrine of guardian deity of Shiracha district, and is the heart of the Japanese people living in Thailand which is a foreign land for those, the shrine was erected to spread divine virtues of the main deity "Amaterasu Omikami" and deity "Ukanomitama no Kami". The shrine wishes that Japan's brilliant tradition transcends nationalities and ages, and bond between Thailand and Japan will be further and stronger connected.

It was established with the aim of creating and transmitting a new story from Sriracha as a place of liveliness and festivals for Sriracha citizens and visitors, which will lead to the promotion of the region.


Main shrine

Place to enshrine the GOSHINTAI or object of worship that houses the spirit.


Worship hall

Where the worshipers worship.


TORII gate

Entrance gate to the shrine that is built in the center of the shrine.



Place to cleanse your hands, mouth, and heart to meet the God.

Hinoki cypress from Ibaragi prefecture in Japan is used for the interior of the hall of worship at Shinrakucha Shrine. Hinoki is said to be the highest quality building material in the world, and the Hinoki cypress used at Horyuji Temple is said to maintain about the same strength as when it was logged 1300 years ago. In addition, the phytoncide released by the Hinoki cypress is said to have high antibacterial properties as well as effective for our stress relief.

Hontsubo Suzu, Suzuo

The immaculate sound of the bell has the power of amulets, and is said to be a tone that God especially favors. By ringing the bell, worshipper can exorcise the devil and please the God and visit worshipper.


OMIKOSHI or portable shrine is a vehicle of a sacred god that transfers the spirit of the god of rituals, and the portable shrine owned by the shrine is called an OMIKOSHI. The god, by patrolling on the portable shrine, the god blesses and purifies disasters and impurities.


The members of the Iinan Town Shimenawa Business Association in Shimane Prefecture made the SHIMENAWA with length of 3.8m, thickness of 60cm, and weight of 130kg with all their heart and spirits so that the Thai people could come in contact with the Japanese culture.

TAIKO drum

Drumming the TAIKO drum before starting the prayer is called "gouko". This is a signal for beginning the prayer and to cleanse the area, calm and correct the heart of those in the area.


The toughts that I put into the letter

As where your heart can feel peace,
I've put my wishes to be eternally loved.
The letter is supple and classy yet express daring.
Whoever comes to receive the GOSHUIN stamp,
one will see its beautiful and readible calligraphic style.
I've put all my sincere wishes
to live their lives blessed with further prosperity
and happiness to all the GOSHUIN stamp receivers and to their family.

Created on the auspicious day for all types of occasion with all my heart.

Worship Procedure
Amulet for Traffic Safety

Amulet for Traffic Safety

 Charm (7 days color in Thailand)

Charm (7 days color in Thailand)

Kukuri fish

Kukuri fish



Wooden amulet

Wooden Amulet

Matchmaking charm

Matchmaking Charm

Red ink stampbook

Red ink stampbook

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